Freelancing: Opportunity or Troubles

Freelancing can be a tough choice to make and each has got his/her reasons to go for it. Some might enjoy working without office time limitations, no driving,  due to lack of jobs or simply due to not sufficient work permits.

While Freelancing is an opportunity for the developers with any of the above reasons, going for freelancing can be really scary, specially if you have no idea where to start.

As soon as you start thinking about freelancing, you face so many questions in your head –

1. Where do I find Clients?
2. For developers like me, who have always been working for some company and do not have authority to carry your projects outside your office, how do they showcase their skills?
3. There are multiple freelancing platforms, which to chose?
4. What if I don’t find project of my interest?
5. If I find project of my interest, why client will give me contract as their are thousands of freelancers out there.

And so many more.

Well, when I decided to start doing freelancing, I had so many questions like this. I registered myself up on couple of the platforms and sent proposals for some interesting projects I liked. But then I realised that what I was doing was not sufficient.
If I were the client, why will I give you the project as for each projects hundreds of proposals drop just in few minutes.
This made me think, there should be some kind of screening, filtering out of the developers with which, clients get legitimate proposals as well as deserving developers get the project.

Then I heard about Toptal. And I must say, I am really impressed by the working model of this platform. The screening process is really crisp and for sure it gives satisfaction to the clients to know that they will be handing over their projects in expert hands. Also it gives developers confidence in their work, and just the right work for them.

Their are few impressive features of this platform, which makes Toptal different and by far the best choice.

  1. Top Talent: According to their website, they receive thousands of applications every month, but only about 3% of applicants get in. Which means, clients have nothing to worry about.
  2. Great clients: Developers can find work from big and stable clients and be assured of good work always coming in.
  3. Different Engineering groups: They have different engineering groups for different streams. Since I am an iOS developer for 6 years, I am specifically interested in toptal Mobile app engineering group.
    This way clients can find developers who is member of that Engineering group and Engineers can groom themselves by becoming part of that group.

So, I am just entering the screening process for Toptal and I hope this goes well as well the interview. I haven’t gone through any interview in last couple of years but I am looking forward to the opportunities.