Khaskhas – badam halwa (Almond-poppy seeds pudding)

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5 Responses

  1. Snehal M. says:

    Hey Amita, Nice effort here, I was searching this recipe since long..!! Hey, can you tell me, how much should we grind the almonds… I like them crunchy and chewy.. So shall I try those…??

    • I generally make fine paste of both almond and khaskhas mixing together. Smooth blending almonds thickens your halwa. May be you can try with few almonds half done… or add some dry fruits garnished on your served halwa…

  2. Sethu says:

    I want to eat this banake laaaa.

  3. Priyal says:

    Hi Amita
    It really looks very tasty….:-) 🙂

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