About Me

Hey there,

I am Amita, born and raised in Indore, India. I am working in software industry from past 6 years. Boring, huhh?? Well not so! I actually enjoy technical stuff. Plus I find fun in my hobbies which include cooking, reading, traveling to different places. I also enjoyed spending my leisure time  in little DIY projects and sometimes write poetries. You can find few posts on the website as well.
I like to travel in different parts of the world, try their local(vegetarian) cuisines and later on try those recipes on my own;)

This is my husband Aditya. We live in Zurich, Switzerland. He is the very supportive and loveable. He helps me with my food photography and technical stuff for my blog. He is also my food tester & critic. And I like him. 🙂

We both like playing cards, chess and other board games. We recently launched Android App to track score of card and board games. If you too are fond of playing games, consider using this amazing and easy app for score tracking – Score Master:Pocket Scorecard

Being an Indian, I have been practicing Indian style cooking since my teenage and later on I started experimenting with cuisines from different parts of the world. I spent my childhood in Indore and you will find Indori touch in many of my recipes. May be I am a little partial but believe me, I never found Indori flavours of food anywhere else!

I enjoy cooking very much and I love to host:) My special love to cooking inspired me to start this website and share my secret recipes and learnings with you all! If you like my recipes, leave a comment. I would like to here from you!

You might also want to visit my other blog – लोकगीत माला – पारंपरिक लोक गीतों का अनूठा संग्रह. This is dedicated to the regional folk culture in India.